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    Why to Shop Local for Last Minute Shopping

    Why Shop Local for Last Minute Shopping

    It is the last week for holiday shopping season. Time is running out for last-minute shoppers who are hoping packages will arrive on time. So it's time to take a different approach.

    The answer is shopping local. Downriver is packed with a variety of local shops. Local retailers are stress free shopping environments. You can walk into any one small business and will be greeted with a friendly smile. You can quickly be in and out. Staff often directs you to exactly what you are looking for on your shopping list.

    What's more amazing, if they aren't the shop to carry that particular item on your list - small businesses are quick to recommend other local retailers that would carry it. That's because the small business community is just that - a community.  This is in stark contrast to the big box stores shopping scene that generates anxiety searching down endless aisle, stressed out employees, and long checkout lines.

    If you are that ultimate procrastinator - consider shopping local. Many local businesses are staying open late to accommodate the demand of last-minute holiday shoppers.
    You can find great local promotions inside our latest Online Magazine.

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