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    Going Veggie - 10 Places You Have To Try

    As the heart of Downriver MI, Wyandotte has become a mecca for food and culture rivaling other hot spots in metro Detroit. Though being smaller in size and quantity than more well-known places in Metro-Detroit, Wyandotte makes up for in quality and experience. Known for its events along the Detroit River showing off the beer, burgers, and meats of downriver, some may wonder if that is all it has to offer. With the popularity of vegetarianism, more people are going meatless.

    nannas adBecause of this, culinary experts must change up their cook books to craft new meatless entrees. The chefs and cooks of Wyandotte are no different, staying up to date with the latest food trends by changing the pace and stirring creative juices in the kitchen, keeping them on top of the game.

    Many are embracing the challenge to play with new flavors. Places like Total Health Foods Deli, Wine Dotte Bistro, Biddle Blend Café, and On The Rocks. These businesses are creating food that looks great and taste just as good. There are many Mediterranean and Asian cuisine options in the city that have inherent vegetarian options such as Sushi Bar, House of Shawarma, Coastal Thai, and the ever-locally famous Nanna’s Kitchen.

    Nanna’s take the extra leap regarding quality and quantity of Vegetarian options in their menu. Home styled and cooked from scratch, there is a reason they are a local favorite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Serving a mixture of Mediterranean and American foods you can get the best of both worlds. From their Michigan Cherry Salad and classic black bean burger to their homemade grape leaves and falafel, you get a range of options you are sure to enjoy.

    With summer just beginning and fast food chains around every corner, it is difficult to fight the battle of getting that “summer bod”. This reason along with others are why now is a prime time to go meatless in your daily diet. Clean crisp vegetables and light sauces are encompassed in many of the dishes you’ll enjoy, without the feeling of being “weighed down”. Knowing this, our team at In The Dotte wanted to make things a little easier for Metro-Detroiters and residents of Downriver. We looked at over 60 restaurants, café’s, and diners in Wyandotte to find 10 of the most vegetarian friendly options.

    1. Total Health Foods (2948 Biddle Avenue: 734-246-1208)
    Total Health Foods is more than a health food store. Total Health Foods offers fresh organic produce and a fantastic deli with no high fructose corn syrup, along with many vegan and gluten free options! Total Health Foods is an advocate for local business and supporting local economy, carrying quality Michigan produce and products.

    Total Health Foods Deli Salads. Photo Credit: Dan CataldoTotal Health Foods Organic Deli Salads. Photo Credit: Dan Cataldo

    2. Nanna's Kitchen (2962 Biddle Avenue: 734-281-9093)
    A local favorite for anytime of the day, Nanna’s Kitchen serves of a mixture of Mediterranean and American cuisine. Always homemade and cooked from scratch you can order anything from classic Falafel and Ghallaba to their Michigan Cherry Salad.

    3. Wine Dotte Bistro (2910 Van Alstyne Street: 734-556-3915)
    One of the Leaders of cuisine in Downtown Wyandotte, Wine Dotte Bistro features a modern chic environment with a casual dining experience. Hidden away off of the Detroit River, they not only serve top choices of seafood and meats, but excellent vegetarian options. Vegan Asparagus Tacos, Vegan Post sticker Dumplings, Truffle Fries, and their Black Bean Burger are among the vegetarian options.

    4. Biddle Blend (3203 Biddle Avenue: 734-530-1221)
    Not your normal, everyday café, Biddle Blend offers a wide variety of breakfast and lunch options in their everyday menu. Every item is made to order and in house so it is as fresh as it can be. You can order items like their Greek Yogurt, The Dotte and Marx sandwiches, as well as their House Salad.

    Photo Credit: Biddle BlendBiddle Blend's Roasted Pepper Sandwich. Photo Credit: Biddle Blend

    5. Sushi Bar (130 Maple Street: 734-720-9717)
    Located next door to On The Rocks, Sushi Bar is all about fresh ingredients and great taste. From old classics like the avocado and cucumber rolls, to special inhouse rolls like the Oshinko and Kampyo, Sushi Bar doesn’t disappoint. Try a bowl of Miso Soup or a Seaweed Salad with any order.

    6. House of Shawarma (128 Sycamore Street: 734-324-1185)
    Mediterranean restaurant in downtown Wyandotte offering a great selection of Lebanese & Middle Eastern food keeping traditional and authentic standards high in the Downriver Area.Their falafel is amazing. Try on its own or in a sandwhich.

    house of shawarma vegetartianFattoush Salad at House of Shawarma. Photo Credit: House of Shawarma

    7. The Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen (125 Elm Street: 734-639-0877)
    Owned by 21-year-old Drew Greer, Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen takes homemade polish cooking and combines it with new creative flavors. Try their Mac-N-Cheese Pierogi’s for a new take on an old staple or the more traditional Potato Cheddar Pierogi. Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen, where you can find lots of flavor packed into a small package.

    The Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen. Photo Credit: Dan CataldoPotato Piergies at The Little Pierogi & Crepe Kitchen Photo Credit: Dan Cataldo.

    8. Whiskey's On The Water (2903 Biddle Avenue: 734-720-9738)
    A two-story bar located in the heart of Downtown Wyandotte, it doesn’t just offer craft cocktails you can’t find anywhere else but a surprising amount of vegetarian options on their menu. Appetizers include their Hummus Trio and Pretzel Bites with a homemade Garlic Parmesan Sauce. Don’t miss out on their Smoked Gouda and White Cheddar Mac -N- Cheeses.

    9. On The Rocks (130 Maple Street: 734-720-9731)
    New on the scene, On The Rocks is a great addition to what Wyandotte is. They are taking a new approach to food while providing people with a gourmet upscale dining experience and a relaxed atmosphere. Serving Flat Bread Veggie Pizza’s and a Bruschetta with a special sauce that you won’t forget.

    10. Coastal Thai (140 Sycamore Street: 734-282-3885)
    One of the few Thai options available in Wyandotte, Coastal Thai is a favorite among restaurants in the area. With a three-page menu full of inherent vegetarian options, it’ll be easy to find an entrée you can enjoy. If you are in the mood for authentic Thai cuisine, be sure to try Coastal Thai in Downtown Wyandotte.


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