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    Meet Pete Haugabook - Get Your Body Rockin"

    Exersthetic Evolution= mind, body, movement. Yes, it’s a new term! This name comes from combining exercise with changing of the body for complete renewal to get results in your physical fitness and life changing goals. This program is user friendly and personalized just for you! Peter Haugabook, owner and certified personal trainer, says everybody has a general goal, but this is a different way to approach it.

    Gregorios Patio

    The time has come to enjoy the season’s simplest pleasures: sunshine, fresh air, and delicious food and drinks. With temperatures getting warmer by the day, what could be more fitting than a meal with a view? Whether it’s American fare, a classic breakfast, upscale dining, or a refreshing cocktail, finding a seat on a patio in Wyandotte is just what this weather ordered!

    Heather Wright and Jill Robinson, owners of Modern Craft. Photo credit: Dan Cataldo of MediaGrump, LLC

    Modern Craft Wine started 8 years ago in Au Gres Michigan, creating their non-traditional style of natural fruit infused wine. They take the wine making process to another level by infusing it with different fruits that turns wine into something extraordinary.


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