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    Meet Award Winning Steve Mikhail

    This year Nanna's Kitchen will be celebrating 30 years as one of Wyandotte's best known and frequented restaurants

    in the Downtown area! Nanna's Kitchen has become the site of the best omelettes and breakfast offerings in addition to a full menu of sandwiches, burgers, salads and dinner entrées many of which are unique to this local, family diner. Nanna's also offers a Mediterranean menu which has gained popularity as the best place for specialties such as Mediterranean lasagna and Karen's Tabbouli in addition to hommous, shawarmas and fattoush salads! Dessert specialties also unique to Nanna's are Yesmeen's Cheesecake and rice pudding!

    Steve Mikhail, owner and founder, along with his wife Mary, started the diner back in 1985 in pursuit of a dream that Steve had when he was a young boy. His mother was a young widow with five children who worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. She would come home in between work and teach young, Steven, at the age of six, how to cut up vegetables and have them ready for when she returned. His mother taught him how to put all the ingredients together to make soups and stews for the family. His Grandmother, Nanna, also provided a foundation of cooking skills and recipes that would continue to fuel his enjoyment of cooking.

    In 1985, Steve and Mary found the little diner on the corner of Elm and 1st street and invested all of their savings in order to pursue their dreams. The little diner was named in honor of both of their grandmothers. Three years later, Bob Logan joined the couple as a dishwasher and continues to be a vital and the longest employed member of the Nanna's team.

    In February of 2000, Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer but the couple continued to work hard. In 2001 Nanna’s Kitchen was lost to a fire that started in a coffee shop located a few doors down. The tiny diner suffered damages beyond repair and the decision was made to rebuild. Many of the regular customers that came to Nanna’s over the years had become friends as well and assisted in this major undertaking. In September of 2002, eighteen months later, the new 2400 square foot, 60 seat diner now stands in its’ present location. In February 2004, Mary lost her battle with cancer. Today, Nanna’s Kitchen is dedicated to her memory.

    During this 30th Anniversary celebration Steve extends a heartfelt thanks to the City of Wyandotte, the many customers who have also become friends and to his awesome and dedicated staff which have contributed to Nanna's 30 years of success.



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